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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities is defined as
  1. a condition giving rise to difficulties in acquiring knowledge and skills to the level expected of those of the same age, especially when not associated with a physical handicap.

ADHD, ADD, and Autism, though not strictly included, could also be considered  learning disabilities since they affect learning.

I have written many articles about what is called "Learning Disabilities". (See categories "Learning Disabilities) These are posts about coping with weaknesses, and appreciating and developing our strengths. We are all human. We are all "disabled" in some way and gifted in some way.

I had trouble learning to read, can not read phonetically, have difficulty with math (flunked the ACT math section), trouble with spelling, difficulty remembering dates and names and following a sequence of detailed instructions. Though it has been challenging at times, I like being me. If I could have all those detail abilities, I wouldn't exchange my dyslexic weaknesses, for I would also lose my great dyslexic strengths. I am right brained and proud of it. I do not want to be "fixed".  Of course, I have learned to cope with my weaknesses and couldn't write without my spell checker or do math without a calculator, but that's what machines are for. 

Every person must learn how to cope with their areas of weakness. Often we buy others' talents to enrich our lives in areas we are disabled . The artistically disabled buy the art of the gifted. We buy the craftsmanship of the manually gifted, watch the performances in sports and dance of the physically gifted, and enjoy the books and movies of the creatively gifted. Where would we be without sharing our gifts?  Do we consider ourselves disabled if we are not gifted physically, manually, or creatively?  No. We "just aren't good at that sort of thing". Well, I'm just not good at details, but I am creatively gifted. I think it is a good "package deal". I am happy.