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Friday, November 7, 2014

Auditory Learning

Perceptual Mode-  AUDITORY Learning
The different ways that Left Hemispheric Dominate, Mixed Dominate, and Right Hemispheric Dominate people learn from listening and speaking.

Left Hemispheric Dominate - Primary Learning Channel 
likes to read aloud even when should be reading silently
makes up rhymes
monopolizes conversations
verbalizes all activities

enjoys recounting in detail all they do
enjoys making sounds
can work easily in a noisy room
can follow verbal directions easily; even several details in a sequence
quick with verbal answers; especially details, rules, rhymes, definitions

Mixed Dominate - uses auditory to supplement their stronger learning mode
if strongest mode is visual
only listens when pictures, movie, can read along
if strongest mode is kinesic (movement)
enjoys words, sounds, & music when accompanied with movement

Right Hemispheric Dominate - learns little through auditory mode
hates to read aloud
doesn’t like to verbally answer
answers using few words
may draw, pantomime, or point out response
does not enjoy verbal games
rarely gives any verbal account of activities; if does, gives few details
needs a quiet environment
easily distracted by sound
has great difficulty following verbal directions
needs a few simple directions at a time
needs to look at the speaker
disturbed by interruptions