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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Creative Writing-- Poetry Writing

Holidays can be a good time to have children write poems. Halloween is an especially good time to engage young boys in writing poetry since they are writing scary images. It gets away from the stereotype of poetry being "girly" or "flowery".

The type of poem many of the kids chose to do was Acrostic poems. They wrote
a word down the side of the page such as "Halloween", "Ghosts", or "Bats"
and then wrote phrases to the side that began with that letter and described
the word. I had several copies of Halloween words for the children to use to help inspire them and aid them with spelling. They also loved drawing pictures around their poem to illustrate it and sharing their poem and art with their writing group.

I shared with them an example of an Acrostic Poem I had written

Bats by Cheryl Merrick

B orn to hand upside down
A lmost never out at day
T wilight is the time to
S ee bats flying out to play