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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Helping Your Struggling Student - Characteristics of a Visual-Spatial Learner

Characteristics of a Visual Spatial Learner

This is a style of learning.

Often visual spatial learners use the right side of their brain to gather and process information.

Though people use both hands, they prefer to use one hand over the other. This is their dominate hand. It is the same with our brain. We use both sides of our brain, but usually we have a dominant side we prefer to use to deal with life.

Many left-handed people prefer to use the right side of their brain, and some people who use their right hand, have their visual- spacial abilities on the left side of their brain.

A person who does not use his dominate abilities to learn quickly becomes tired and frustrated. Children will become discouraged and give up trying to learn.

It is our responsibility, as adults, to help the child learn to use and develop their unique abilities.

This is not a matter of remediation. We can not change our creative visual-spatial children into “normal” orderly auditory-sequential people anymore than you can make an orderly person into a creative individual.

It is impossible to change how a person’s brain is configured, and would we really want to? Could you imagine a world without our artists, musicians, philosophers, writers, and inventors? It would be flat, colorless, and boring.