My experiences as a creative person, tutor of children, and teacher of creative writing

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Helping Your Struggling Student - General Helpful Ideas

Specific Ideas on How to Help Your Struggling Learner

Think positive and appreciate their gifts.

Help the child realize and develop their gifts.

Do not try to change your child to make them like other children.

Focus on their gifts, but help them to cope with their areas of weakness.

Realize that people are different and we have been given unique gifts.

Accept that there is no one way all people should be. Your child is “normal” for a visual-spatial person.

If you could imagine a society that does not value your talents, perhaps a hunting society where visual acuity is prized, how would you feel?

What if you were in a school for the arts and spent most all your time in remedial art, and remedial music?

How would your feel if you had to spend your school day coming up with creative ideas, metaphors, and explaining the meaning and purpose of what you were studying?

How stressed would you become if all day the material was presented in pictures at a rapid pace?

How would you like to trade places with your visual-spatial student?