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Friday, July 31, 2009

Basic Ideas for Helping Children Become Creative Writers

Basic Ideas for Helping Children Become Creative Writers

● Read, Read, Read
to your child and with your child

read stories you both enjoy
this helps the child develop a sense of written language

● Encourage and Praise
never criticize or correct

● Help your child record important experiences
trips, holidays, birthdays, accidents, pets, etc.

● Allow your child to share their writing
they can draw pictures to go along with their story
encourage only positive responses

● Model the writing process
show your child your first draft
show what you did to improve (not correct) your writing
show your finished writing

● Use picture books to help motivate a child to write
these books model telling short stories
good beginning, exciting details in the middle, satisfying ending
these books can model different types of writing and styles
they can bring memories to a child
or creative ideas
after reading the story discuss what you all liked about the story
and ideas of what they could write about
if the child wants to tell a memory the story has brought to mind
stop them, and warn them not to spoil their story
then immediately allow your child uninterrupted time to write